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We at Click Labs Institute have shown a history of excellence delivered to various clients globally and our mission is to solve the global tech talent shortage while catalyzing the growth of tech ecosystem in Indian subcontinent.

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The Challange

Out of 15,71,200 graduating students 93% are not employable due to the lack of skill set and industry knowledge


Lack of the industry based learning and problem solving skills, leading to unemployability


Career Path

Due to the lack of proper guidance and knowledge, many candidates choose the wrong career path


Target Company

Finding the right company for the candidate as per their skill set


Skill Set

Most of the graduates are missing the skillset required by the knowledge industry

How It Work


Selection in the college campus by the CLI representatives, post counselling session


Onboarding the selected candidates for further training based on the skills set required


Training the candidates by professional experts as per industry tends and market requirements


Connecting them to the companies for job opportunities

Prime Benefits

  • Employment

    Providing job opportunities in leading IT companies

  • Learnability

    Stay relevant with the industry trends with being trained by the experts

  • Industry exposure

    Opportunity to work with the leading companies while getting trained

  • Problem solving skills

    Learn to be a problem solver while getting trained on the live industry problems

  • Remote work location

    Get to work at the comfort of your time and location

Bootcamp Timeline

  • 1st Month

    Getting to understand the strengths and weaknesses of candidates on an individual basis, aligning mentors to every individuals

  • 2nd Month

    Start of training module and assessment at the end of the month

  • 3rd Month

    By end of the 3rd month, completion of classroom programme with assessment

  • 4th Month

    Start working on the live projects, application of the learning of the last three month

  • 5-6th Month

    Congratulations!! You have made it through the course and now it’s time to connect with the prominent recruiters


  • Drone Development

    Drone pilot

    Drone delivery system

    Ariel robotics

    Drone mapping

    Flight training

  • Mobile Development



    React Native

  • Product and design

    Product Management

    UI/UX Design

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